Friday, 25 January 2013


Heyy :'D


Sorry! My 'c' button aint working properly xD

To The Reason i aint been posting...

i Was stupid enough to forget the web adress xD

Then I forgot the password xD

So Now Im Back B)

And ur gunna have to deal wid it!

The Pancakes got moldy... So Now I Have A Frog :3

- Jess Out xD

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

... Wheres Jess? ....

Hey Jordan Here, And BEWARE I Have Fishhh - O_o

Jess Hasnt Posted Lately... So Ummm, WHERES JESS?

Ill Mssg Her On MSP To See If She'll Post...

So Umm, Yeah.
Imma Take My Fish And Go...



Monday, 21 January 2013

Ik Ya Love Me x'D

Jordan Here (Again)! xD
Oh Come On, Ik You Love Me... :3
I Have Cookies

Anyways.... Any Of U's Know How To Put Pics On The Side Of Da Blog?

If So... PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON MSP; Jordan23456

Thanks'So'Much'If'You'Do! x'D

So Uhhh...

I'mma Take Ma Cookies And Ummm, Go.



YouTube Video -Jordan<'3

My Msp Version Of When I Look At You...




Jordan Here! So, Heres A Pic Of Me, Hopefully Jess Will Post A Pic Of Herself.. So Yeah! I Dont Care About Hate Or Anythin' So Call Me Anything Yhu Want! -Jordan<'3

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lol xD

Jordan Here!! :* Omg, Lol! Mine And Jess' Random Words Chat! xD God Were So Random... :'D Jord Out!<'3 -Jordan<'3

#Tellietubbiephobia... xD

Haii, Jordan Here :*

I Know Ya Luff Me :3

Anyway, I Betcha Your Wonderin; "WhatDaFudge Is Tellietubbiephobie" Well... CONGRATULATIONS!
Yhu Came To Da Right Person to Explain What It Means. (If You Dont Its Me) -_-
There Scarryy D: Me No Like 'Em!! Dx
They're Just So... Yannoee... WIERD.
Like Me And Jess ;D Hehehehehehehehe, Sorry Jess But Its Da Embarrasing Truth!

Jord Out!! xD
Like A Boss ^^ .. ^^


Miranda (The Show)


Its Jess :*

And I Got a bit bored, so i started watching "Miranda" on BBC i player xD

And these parts r my fav.

"Plunge the loo before i go, Sponge the bath, Any Activities ending with 'unge' should be banned. Although, Plunge is A Lovley word. Plunge. Plunge."


" Im Just Gunna Crack open a Window. Oh, Crack, Cheeky, crack, plunge. plunge ma crack- No D: " xD

Just A RANDOM Post..


- Jess <'3

Jazzed Up!!

I, Jordan Emmerson Has Jazzed Up Our Blogg!!


Me'N'Jordan ♥


Jess Here B)


Anyways xD
Me and Jordan Swapped Accounts 4 a bit..

IT Was WELL Fun xD

Heres a Pic of me on Jordans Account :3

Pretty Right? xD
Anyways. I Let Jordan Change My clothes..
So This is how i look now xD
So.. Imma Take My Pancakes... And Leave....
- Jess <'3

Fame Bars!! :3

Ok So Me And Jess Swapped Accounts x'D And I Got A Pic Of Her Fame Bar And Mine! So Help Us, Mines The One With 12 On It And Jess's Is 14 (: WE HAVE FISH AND PANCAKES, WERE NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM! So Love ALL Our Looks, Autos... Please? -Jordan<'3

Me'N'Jess On Msp!!(:

This Is Me 'N' Jess, Jess Is Da One In Bluuee And Yellow, Im Da Red 'N' White. I MADE DIS PIC! So Yeah, Follow Us If You Dare *_* Were Pretty Random And If You Dont Help Us Level Up, We Have Pancakes, And We Know How To Use Them, So... BEWAREEEE xD -Jordan<'3

Hello Stalkers! xD

Hello Stalkers! xD

Im Jess :')
Jordans Jordan.. (I Think) xD

We're both Pretty Random O_o

Sorry If We Scare U *-*

1 thing... HELP JORDAN 2 LEVEL 13, AND ME TO LEVEL 15 or we Slap U Wid Pancakes O_o

MKay.. Byee xD

-Jess ♥


Ok, So On This Blog There Will Be 2 People Posting...
Me (Jordan)
And Jess!
We Decided To Share A Blog On MY Account So Yeah.. Enjoy Da Blog Stalkers!